Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes!

So I've thought about this for a long time.. to start keeping a journal..track, whatever you want to call it, of the things my Children say. My mother and grandmother both reminded me this week that it's really something I should do! They do tend to surprise me quite a bit, and plenty of times have left me wondering.."Where in the world did they get that from?" My oldest of course says off the wall things of course he's older and so I expect it. My youngest however throws us plenty more! So I will write a few of the "quotes" I can remember...

One night while watching "Enchanted"

Matt: Mommy, do you think you'll ever be as pretty as the princess..I mean you're pretty but she's skinny and beautiful!" ( I don't remember responding..hmmmmm)

Yesterday at the Chiropractors office-the receptionist left for the evening.

Luke: MOM! Her, her just leaved!

Me: Yes Luke she did, it's okay.

Luke: You can't be serious..that's crazy!!? Mommy she can't leave work!

Me: It's okay baby, she's a big girl, she knows what she's doing.

Luke: Oh my gosh...(sighs) but we're still here!! (I just laughed :) )

Not sure what exactly we were doing, but we were in a crowded place!

Some Lady: Hello there cutie, what's your name?

Luke: He mumbles , can't understand him..he's very shy

Me: it's okay buddy, you can say hi, tell her your name.

Note: My mother and Husband named Lucas, I was completely lost in "Drug world" They named him Brian Lucas King. We call him Luke. Last year we decided to teach him his full name and this is how he sees it...

Me: go ahead bud...say hi...what's your name?

Luke: bashfully approaches the lady and says "Daddy lucas king!"

I thought I would fall out of the chair! I had to explain the reasoning behind his answer..hoping she didn't think I named my son Daddy! She got just as tickled and it stuck with him for a still does. I find myself occasionally having to correct him. "you and daddy have the same name...your name isn't daddy!

I'll keep adding more as time goes by!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cause I'm the Mother, that's why....

Today I leave for my annual weekend away with my girlfriends. It's an event we look forward to every year! We rent a cabin or condo for the weekend, and indulge. We eat great food, sip on wine, window shop. We veg out, watch movies, sleep late. We spend hours in the hot tub or sitting and talking with absolutely no interruptions! Yes it's quite the celebration! There's only one problem....Separation Anxiety!!! And no I'm talking about what my babies feel, I'm talking about me. Of course the boys have a million questions on why I'm going, when will I return, what will they do without me...etc. This includes my husband. No the anxiety lies within me, to them I am the cook, the housekeeper, the nurse, the information station, the referee, the vet, well you get it.
So leaving even just for the weekend means all of this responsibility is in my husbands if you've read any previous posts you would know that he's quite the big kid himself. I do love him dearly and He and the boys are crazy about each other. He does a fine job with them no doubt, and I always discover this upon my return. I'm flooded with hugs and kisses and "we missed you" and I find nothing wrong whatsoever! But it never seems to cure me when the time comes again for me to go. I still get this knot in my stomach that says..."they'll need you terribly!" If you're a mom then you know of and probably dislike spongebob. There's an episode where Squidward takes the day off and leaves Spongebob in complete control of the Krusty Krab. All day while Squidward is supposed to be relaxing he keeps imagining the worst and rushes to the Krab to make sure everything is in order. Upon his arrival he notices everytime that everything in intact. This goes on until he finally gives up on his time and returns to work. Well this episode fits me when others ask me which is all the time, "why do you worry so much, what's the problem" I'm simply answer "Because I'm the Mother, that's why"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Morning Tuesday...

It was one of those mornings where I woke before the alarm trying my best to fall back into sleep. My mind kept telling me to "get up!" but my body said stay a little longer. So I decided to just get up and at least greet the day in quiet and see my Husband off to work. It was a sweet morning, more smiles than I'm used to...and humor.

While trying to keep my husband focused on what he should have for lunch he stops me and says..."oh I forgot pablito in the van!" It did strike me as odd at first, I'm thinking...did he pick up a stranger named Pablito? No.....could he have? We settle the lunch matter and I walk him out, he motions me to come meet this "Pablito" and then I say, "Oh you're so silly you've changed your GPS again!' He just gives me a blank stare and frowns...I laugh of course slightly in confusion and he points to the steering wheel. Before I reveal "Pablo" just let me say, that I dearly love my husband and all his quirkyness and if you know him then you know he will forever be "a big boy!"
When I looked down I noticed a very tiny action figure strapped to the steering wheel with a yellow cord! My husband kindly introduces us... "Plablito meet the wife, honey meet pablito!" He says with such excitement. I laugh and smile at him sympathetically, for I know he can't help his boyish ways and that somethings are just better left untouched, unsaid.

We exchange our "I love you's" and he pulls away I wave sweetly and mouth to him..have a wonderful day and he rolls down the window while driving off and yells. " I think Pablito has terrets he talks all day but only I can hear him...He's a cool guy.."

Sigh....Poor Brian all that heat and cold can get to a man after so many years. Lonely long days in a van...But you stay strong Honey, be the best you can. Fix those heating and air units with pride and honesty. And you "Pablito" well, thanks I guess for keeping my dear Brian company.

Monday, May 4, 2009

All the kings horses, all the kings men....and their Queen!

Just a little intro:

As we embark on a new journey, My family and I, we are grateful to have learned many lessons. Lessons that have made myself, especially embrace all that God has graciously given me, and treasure all that I have been blessed with. My Boys. My Husband, My Family.

We'll be moving back to Ar. soon. We are very excited about this! God has definitely tested me and I know he's not finished yet, and I take honor in that. I know he's still there and listening. We've gone through quite the trial these past few months and I feel this move is a stepping stone in the right direction. A change, a new beginning...a fresh start. For this I am completely grateful.

One of the most precious things God has given me besides a determined, hard working husband are two bright boys. My occupation on this earth is being a wife and a mother, a daughter and a sister, a friend and a servant. I could not be more pleased with this position in life!

If my eyes were not open before, they most definitely are now. After all that we have been through, I will never take for granted all the small things. No amount of money or materials could ever make me trade what fill my arms and heart daily. I am full of passion for my and dedication..from now until forever more. I am proud to be Queen of my castle... :)